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His story

Pixka 's Noox Castle is an investment you can be a part of.


The Castle is a Historical Monument originally built in 1274 on the banks of the Elbe River, just 2 hours from Berlin and Prague and one from Dresden and Leipzig . It has been the scene of important historical events, such as the Battle of Mühlberg at the time when Carlos V ruled Spain, Germany and New Spain (today Mexico) and the Second World War.

In 2018 it was bought by Mexican investors who began the restoration work and where international art residencies have been organized .


Now you can make a transparent and tokenized investment in blockchain, which in addition to generating value in the medium term, allows you to enjoy the Castle and contribute to the restoration of a heritage building, which is already part of an international community open to the world.

Own it for less than $40,000mxn!

I acquiredr a MUHL grants you the following privileges:

  • Free entry to activities at the castle

  • Special price for your events in Mühlberg

  • Stay nights for life

  • Receive income

  • Recognition plates

  • Daparticipation in assemblies

In all noox projects, Art is a fundamental part, so we have additional benefits if as an artist you want to invest in the castilleither.

Projection of the expected value of the stock


MUHL Token



¿How many weeks of accommodation do I have per year by purchasing my share?

The castle current accountMind you, with 7 already restored spaces of different sizes, these are available for 15 people. At the end of the restoration, I will achievewe recover a maximum of 43 spaces.

As the process progresses and according to the approval of theThe authorities will enable more spaces that can be used by the community of owners according to the estimated plan:



Thank you for your message! We will get in touch with you shortly.

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